The Judge of Probate is the Chief Election Officer.

To check to see if you are registered to vote and polling location please visit

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming elections, please contact:

  • Laurie S. Hall, Marengo County Probate Judge (334) 295-2210 or (334) 295-2212 (Chief Election Officer)
  • Sharon B. Hilbish, Marengo County Absentee Election Manager (Absentee Voting) (334) 295-2217
  • Marengo County Board of Registrars (334) 295-2249
  • Secretary of State (334) 242-7210

Poll Worker Qualifications:

To qualify as a Poll Worker you must be:

  1. 18 years of age
  2. A registered voter in our County

Poll workers are required to attend poll worker school before being able to work.

The Appointing Board meets prior to each election and appoints the workers from the list of qualified workers. Poll Workers generally serve in the precinct in which they vote. If you are interested in serving as a poll worker, please let us know by calling (334) 295-2210.